About Me
I live in New Plymouth with my wife Raewynn and have been a Manawatu Wolseley Car Club member for 10 years.
I am delighted to  have been elected  National Secretary at the AGM  in Christchurch

A bit of background about my passion with Wolseleys .
It started when I had earned a bonus at work I decided that I would like a classic car .
Bob Signal as many of you may know owned a 1500 Wolseley and the the thought of doing car things with Bob and Mary appealed to us .
So the next question  what Type of Wolseley to buy?????
My first car was a  orange 1961 Mini Van so.......did Wolseley make a mini ????
Aha.....they did, the Wolseley "Hornet"
Bob showed me a copy of the "Wolseley Word", In the For Sale section was an advert for a 1969 Hornet....so I rang up Ric Tyson and arranged an inspection in Wellington .
I loved the car and Raewynn thought it was "cute", so we purchased it and upon another visit drove it home.
So that is how I was introduced  to Wolseleys.


297 Huatoki Street
New Plymouth
Home 06 753 9743
Cell  Phone: 027 6600 203
Email: nzsecretary@wolseleycarclubnz.co.nz,
           or  kruseco@xtra.co.nz
National Secretary Michael Kruse