mobile vacuum cleaners
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By Norman Painting
In 1905 a number of strange looking vehicles were built for The Vacuum Cleaner Co. Ltd., powered by a 12 hp 2 cylinder horizontal engine, the vehicles being used to visit homes of the more wealthy people where the huge vacuum tank was used to provide a mobile vacuum cleaning service.

The picture to the right shows a complete, but as yet unpainted example of these strange vehicles.
Below is a fully finished Vacuum Cleaner Car with a Birmingham registration number and complete with all the necessary hoses and tools to commence working and a close up view of all the working parts
A power take-off on the gearbox provided drive to a two cylinder vertical pump used to exhaust the large tank at the rear to provide vacuum. As the vehicle spent prolonged periods stationary, with the engine running, it was fitted with a cooling fan, large capacity radiator and an additional water tank mounted beneath the engine prevented over-heating.