For those who have tried to make sense of how to operate one of these machines (essential if you need to pump up the hydrolastic suspension on one of the Front-wheel-drive Wolseleys, here's how to do it:
1)    Connect the black line to the valve on the car, but DONT screw in the knob on the top of the connector until first checking the tap on the Left side of the pump (closest to the black line) is closed. Screw in knob on vehicle connection. This allows pressure to fill the line.
2)    Open tap on the Left side of pump as above for a couple of seconds to bleed line of air. Tighten the tap and pump up the suspension to the specified height as per below.
3)    To finish, release the knob on the valve on the car and then undo tap on the pump to let fluid left in the line back into pump unit. Retighten tap, release hose connection.
New hydrolastic fluid is still available - there is a seller on Trademe listing it nowadays.

Ride heights: (measured from centre of front hub to top of wheel arch)
1800    346mm +/- 9mm;    1100/1300    387mm +/- 6mm;     Hornet   333mm +/- 6mm